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Rain Bird 6 Outlet Drip Irrigation Manifold 1/2" FPT Threaded Inlet

Rain Bird 6 Outlet Manifold EMT-6XERI

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Multi-Outlet Xeri-Bug Emitters 


1/2" FPT Threaded Inlet x 6 1/4" Barb Outlets



1/2" FPT inlet threads onto riser allowing water to be directed to as many as six different locations.


Features / Benefits:

  • 1/2" (15/21) FPT inlet threads onto 1/2" riser and provides a manifold with six free-flowing 1/4" barb outlets.
  • Each barb outlet is sealed with a durable plastic cap.
  • Plastic caps remove easily, allowing for a drip area that can be customized with up to six different emission devices.
  • Use the EMT-6XERI with Xeri- Bugs, PC Modules, Xeri-Pops, Xeri-Sprays, and Xeri-Bubbler.


Operating Ranges:

  • Pressure: 15 to 50 psi (1,0 to 3,5 bars)






Rain Bird 6 Outlet Manifold EMT-6XERI

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