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Rain Bird 4 Station Indoor SST Series Controller

Rain Bird STP Indoor Controller

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CODE: STP-400i

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Rain Bird® SST Series
Simple To Set Irrigation Timer

Add more value, versatility and convenience to your automatic underground watering system with a Rain Bird STP Series Automatic Sprinkler Timer. Customize watering schedules tailored to your unique landscape needs, while dramatically conserving water and improving lawn and plant health. The Simple To Set Sprinkler Timer offers maximum versatility and efficient watering with water-conscious features like Automatic Rain Shut-off to stop operation during rain. It can even be easily linked to existing drip watering systems.

Why is this sprinkler timer so simple to use? Just dial each zone and see every setting clearly displayed Because you set this timer by zones, you control the irrigation system exactly the way it is laid out. Other timers require setting two or more zones on the same watering program. That just wastes water and isn’t ideal for the plants. With this advanced timer, watering schedules can be fine-tuned for each lawn area as well as the flow rates of each sprinkler type.

What you can do with Simple To Set Timing Technology:

  • Help prevent runoff by setting popup sprays to water for shorter periods than impact sprinklers and rotors, which have lower flow rates.
  • Water your grass more frequently than shrubs, for
    best growing results.
  • Water slopes or clay soils in short intervals to allow
    water to soak in, avoiding runoff.
  • Irrigate full sun sections more often than shade areas.
  • Save water and get greener results!

Features and Benefits:

  • Zone-by-zone setting convenience.
    Because you set each watering zone independently, it’s easy to schedule watering perfectly for each area: grass, shrubs, trees and flower beds.
  • All-in-one view.
    Set it. Review days and times. All displayed in plain language as you turn the dial to each zone.
  • Easy to use.
    Loaded with user-friendly features to manage any residential or light commercial irrigation system.
  • Rain delay command
    Suspends watering manually, resets automatically on next cycle.
  • One-touch seasonal adjustments
    To increase water in hot, dry months and reduce it in rainy seasons.
  • Built-in trouble shooting of valves and wiring.
    If a short is detected, the timer suspends watering to that zone and displays a warning message.
  • Superior surge protection
    Guards against damage from nearby lightning strikes and power surges.
  • Sealed from the environment
    To protect against moisture, insects, dust and grime.
  • No need to reprogram after a power outage.
    All timer settings are stored indefinitely in memory.
    No backup battery needed!
  • Simple wiring connections
    Ccolor-coded terminals with separately marked positions for master valves and pump start relays.


  • 7" w x 6" h x 1-1/4" d


  • SST-400i:
    4 Station Automatic Sprinkler Timer, Indoor
  • SST-600i:
    6 Station Automatic Sprinkler Timer, Indoor
  • SST-900i:
    9 Station Automatic Sprinkler Timer, Indoor
  • SST-600o:
    6 Station Automatic Sprinkler Timer, Indoor or Outdoor
  • SST-1200o:
    12 Station Automatic Sprinkler Timer, Indoor or Outdoor


Operation Manual, English (PDF: 736 KB)

Operation Manual, Spanish (PDF: 739 KB)

Quick Start Guide, English (PDF: 3,579 KB)

Quick Start Guide, Spanish (PDF: 3,587 KB)

SST Sprinkler Timer
Interactive Tour

The Simple To Set Sprinkler Timer also works with rain shut-off sensors (purchased separately). In addition, it will control master valves and pump start relays.

Simple to Set Timing Technology

Superior Surge Protection

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