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ESP-6TM 6 Zone Sprinkler Controller

Rain Bird ESP-6TM Irrigation Controller

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Rain Bird® ESP-TM Series
Dual Program Hybrid Irrigation Controllers

Primary Applications:

Incorporating all the proven features of the ESP Series, the ESP-TM series of hybrid irrigation controllers is a prime example of making a good thing better. With their slim line cabinets, ESP-TM irrigation controllers are as attractive to look at as they are simple to use.

And, they boast a number of water-saving features simply not found on competitively priced units. Dual programming eliminates over watering one area in order to maintain another. Watering time flexibility is further enhanced by two-, three- and five-day fixed watering cycles or a seven-day variable cycle. Best of all, water budgeting can alter all watering times from 10 to 200 percent with just a single touch.

The ESP-TM Series from Rain Bird. Simplicity at its finest.

Features and Benefits:

  • ESP: Extra-Simple Programming
  • Two independent programs (A and B)
  • "Flip Strip" terminal strips permits valve wire hookup without screws.
  • Wiring skirt for clean looking, professional installation.
  • System water budgeting makes seasonal adjustments quick and easy.
  • Precise station timing in 1-minute increments.
  • Programmable day-of-week watering schedule.
  • Independent dual programming.
  • Easy-to-understand AM/PM clock.
  • Self-prompting alphanumeric liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • External plug-in style transformer
  • Slim, indoor cabinet.
  • Manual start/advance capability for semi-automatic operation and system testing.
  • Mounting screws provided for convenient installation
  • Large, high contrast LCD


  • ESP-4TM: 4 stations
  • ESP-6TM: 6 stations
  • ESP-8TM: 8 stations


  • Station timing: 0-99 minutes (in 1-minute increments);
    0-198 minutes with water budgeting
  • Automatic starts: 3 per day for each program (6 per day when using dual program capability)
  • Programming schedule: 2-, 3-, or 5-day fixed cycle or 7-day variable cycle
  • Water budgeting: 10-200% in 10% increments
  • Input required:
    117VAC, 60Hz
  • Output:
    24VAC, 0.65A
  • Overload fuse: (spare fuse provided in access cover)
    ESP-TM: 0.5A
  • Surge protection: Primary input side has built-in MOV (metal oxide varistor) to protect microcircuitry; output side has one built-in MOV for each valve station
  • Battery backup: A 3V lithium coin cell battery maintains program memory up to several months and keeps timing accuracy during a power outage (battery included with controller)
  • Default program: After prolonged power interruption, each station waters 10 minutes per cycle beginning 8 hours after power resumes - once per day for the 7-day custom cycle or on the first day of the 2-, 3- or 5-day fixed cycle
  • Multi-valve station capacity:
    One 24VAC, 7VA solenoid valve per station, plus a master valve


  • Width: 7" (17,8 cm)
  • Height: 8 1/4" (21,0 cm)
  • Depth: 2 1/4" (5,7 cm)

ESP-TM sprinkler timer
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ESP-TM Tech Specs, English (PDF: 100 KB)

ESP-TM Tech Specs,
Spanish (PDF: 120 KB)

ESP-TM Tech Specs,
Portuguese (PDF:121 KB)

ESP-TM Fact Report
(PDF:308 KB)

Right Choice Brochure (PDF: 180 KB)

ESP-TM Parts List
(PDF: 92 KB)

ESP-TM Manual, 2009 & later (PDF: 6.01 MB)

ESP-TM Manual, 2008 & earlier (PDF: 857 KB)

ESP-TM Drawing
(DWG: 66 KB)

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