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UF16 Red 16 AWG Direct Burial Irrigation Wire (500 ft roll)

16 AWG Red Irrigation Wire

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16 AWG Red Irrigation Wire (500 ft. roll)

UF16 Direct Burial Single Strand Controller Wire



Red single strand irrigation wire is typically used to run from the irrigation controller to a single vavle in an sprinkler 

18AWG Red Wire
system.  Thus, if you have 4 valves on your irrigation system, you will have four individual runs of red wire from the controller to each of the 4 valves.


Conductor construction is soft drawn bare copper meeting the requirements of ASTM Specifications B-3.  Guage sizes 18 and 16 are solid conductors.


The insulation is a high quality polyvinylchloride (PVC) for systems applications of up to 150 volts and conductor temperatures up to 60°C.



  • Application:  Suitable for use as power and control wire for irrigation systems.
  • Insulation:  Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
  • Temperature:  60°C
  • Voltage:  Up to 150 volts
  • Conductor Size:  16 awg
  • Insulation Thickness:  .045


Material must be able to pass the following test without showing signs of degradation:

  • Cold Bend:  The insulation shall not show any cracks when sample is bent around a 3X mandrel after being subjected to -25°C for four (4) hours.
  • Electrical:  AC test voltage, 60 seconds at 5,000 volts.
  • Sunlight Resistance Test:  Samples conditioned for 300 hours of carbon-arc or xenon-arc exposure.


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