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Rain Bird 5000 Seal-A-Matic Series (SAM)

The Rain Bird 5000 SAM (Seal-A-Matic) includes a state of the art check valve built-in for irrigation systems dealing with elevation changes. The Next Evolution in Rotor Performance. Rugged mid-range 3/4" inlet gear-drive rotor sprinkler, offering durability, Rain Curtain nozzle performance, flow shut-off and top adjustment convenience for residential, commercial and athletic field sites with spacing up to 50 feet.

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Rain Bird 5004-PC-SAM Partial Circle 4" Sprinkler Rotor (Seal-a-Matic)

Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor

The 5000 Series Rotors are available in 4, 6, 12, Shrub, and Stainless Steel models. Pressure-activated multi-function wiper seal protects internals from debris and assures positive pop-up and ...

Price: $8.47

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