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Hunter 8' Radius Adjustable Arc Nozzle (8A)

Hunter Adjustable Nozzles

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Plastic Pro-Spray Adjustable Nozzles
Cover all the angles.

Fine-tune nozzles to the arc you need.

8 ft. Radius / Adjustable Arc 


Cover all the angles. Fine-tune nozzles to the arc you need. Introducing another new product from Hunter. Our new generation Adjustable Arc Nozzles are made to cover all those in-between angles. Whether hillside topography, a curved flower bed or other special landscape installation, challenging angles demand nozzles that adjust to their surroundings. Don’t forget, these are perfect for right out-of-the-box standard angles as well. They offer the best results of just about any adjustable arc nozzle in the industry.

We’re talking well-defined, clean edges. Engineered to handle bigger water drops, these nozzles also deter winds from dispersing water. With their matched precipitation, you can group them together, even with different radii. And their perforated top makes them easier to adjust than ever. Set our nozzles at any angle from 25° to 360°. You just grab a bag and go. So you need a lot less inventory. No tools required. That’s not all. They’re color-coded for easy inventory and field ID. And very well-adjusted.

Features and Benefits:

  • Hunter’s improved color-coded ID system for Pro-Spray Nozzles, you’ll no longer need to turn on the system in order to view the sprinkler from the side as it pops up (and sprays you with water). 
  • Every Hunter Pro-Spray Nozzle has been precision engineered to ensure that the entire area of coverage receives its intended amount of water. Whether it is a quarter-, half-, or full-circle pattern, the discharge from the nozzle features a consistent trajectory from all sides.


  • 8 Foot
  • 10 Foot
  • 12 Foot
  • 15 Foot
  • 17 Foot


  • Spacing: 7 to 19 feet 
  • Pressure: 20 to 40 psi
  • Optimum pressure: 30 psi (2,1 bar)



Hunter nozzles also are noted for emitting at the optimum droplet size: large enough to avoid the problems of misting, small enough to provide nice, even distribution.


Hunter Pro-Spray Nozzles
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Hunter Nozzle Performance ChartsHunter Nozzle Performance

Pro Spray/Nozzles BrochurePro-Spray/Nozzles Brochure
(PDF: 518 KB)

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