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Hunter 6" Institutional Spray Pop-Up Sprinkler Head

Hunter Institutional Spray

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Hunter Institutional Spray Sprinkler
Pop-Up Spray Heads

Note:  Nozzles Not Included


Rugged, water-saving sprinklers designed for commercial, institutional, and public area applications.

Exceptional strength, innovative features…just the need for high traffic areas. Features like a positive-seal flush cap with an innovative pull-up design that keeps debris out. A high quality, multi-functional, pressure-activated wiper seal. True pressure regulation under a wide range of environmental and pressure conditions to reduce water waste. An in-stem regulator that acts as a flow control device if the nozzle is removed. A super heavyduty check valve assembly that eliminates the potential liability issues of low head drainage. The most powerful retraction spring in its class. Sounds like a lot in a spray sprinkler? How about one more great feature–just like all other Hunter Institutional Series™ irrigation products, it carries a 5-year warranty.

Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in in-stem pressure regulation
    Maximum nozzle efficiency regardless of inlet pressure.
  • Heavy-duty body and cap construction
    Multi-thread buttress design withstands the harshest environments.
  • Pressure activated, multi-function, no flow-by wiper seal
    Easy to remove and clean; treated with UV inhibitors to ensure long life.
  • Compatible with All Female Threaded Nozzles
    Accepts adjustable, fixed and specialty nozzles from Hunter and all major brands. 
  • Optional factory-installed drain check valve for up to 10 feet elevation change
    Eliminates landscape damage from flooding and erosion.
  • Ratcheting riser fro quick arc alignment
    Make adjustments while sprinkler is operating. 
  • Heavy-duty spring
    For positive retraction under any conditions.
  • Innovative pop-top flush plug design
    Allows limited flow permitting controlled directional flushing.
  • 1/2" standard side inlet on 6" and 12" models
    Installation convenience for deep seated bodies.


  • INST-00 – Shrub
  • INST-04 – 4" Pop-up (10 cm) 
  • INST-06 – 6" Pop-up (15 cm) 
  • INST-12 – 12" Pop-up (30 cm)  


  • Overall height:
    INST-04 – 5 7⁄8" (15.5 cm)
    INST-06 – 8 3/4" (22.5 cm)
    INST-12 – 16 1⁄8" (41 cm)
  • 1/2" female inlet NPT
  • Exposed diameter: 2 1/4" (5.7 cm)


  • Recommended pressure range: 15 to 100 PSI (1.0 to 6.9 bars; 103 to 689 kPa)
  • Flow-by: 0 at 10 PSI (.7 bars; 68 kPa) or greater; .1 GPM (0.02 m3/hr; 0.4 l/min) otherwise
  • Precipitation rates: approximately 1.5" (38 mm) per hour



Hunter Institutional Spray Family
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Institutional Spray Brochure
(PDF: 473 KB)


Institutional Spray Product Information Guide
(PDF: 4,229 KB)


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