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Irrigation Wiring

Direct Burial Irrigation Wire Waterproof Irrigation Wire Connectors

Low Voltage Irrigation Wire is UL Listed for direct burial.  Used to operate control valves in a lawn sprinkler system, a hot and common wire runs from the controller to an irrigation valve.  When more than one valve is installed in the sprinkler system, an individual hot wire will run from the controller to each valve on the system, while the common wire will run daisy chained from one valve to the next and so forth.  Multi-Strand irrigation wire may be used when wiring sprinkler systems containing multiple valves.


Wiring connections at the irrigation control valve should incorporate the use of water proof connectors as the wiring connections are often submerged in water and/or exposed to wet conditions.  Waterproof connectors encase the wiring ends in a rubber or plastic enclosure which is filled with a petroleum based gel to water proof the connection.


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